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Town Plate Open - 30 May 2015

Sarah Hotchkiss

For the first time in several years Clevedon Sailing Club’s Town Plate was held on the scheduled day rather than being postponed for too little or too much wind. The race is traditionally a ‘pursuit’ format where slower handicap boats start first with faster boats starting progressively after. If all boats are sailed equally well they should all finish together.

First boats away were Grace Cherry (Topper) followed by Jon and Diggory Summers (Miracle) who, in the dropping wind strength, struggled against the flooding tide. The next flight of boats suffered much the same fate and were quickly caught by Martin Gibson (Laser) who close tacked up the shore in less tide. However, Gibson took the whole of the 

following lap to overtake Dave and Jess Herbert (420), Sarah Hotchkiss (Solo) and Richard White and Kelly Hewlett (Firefly).

Meanwhile both Benedict Wybrow and Tony Cherry, and Anthony Rees and Kevin Watts (Tasars) floundered in the lighter variable wind and were quickly overhauled by Phil Isaac (Phantom) who steadily closed the gap on the boats ahead and Gibson who was now the leading boat. Isaac eventually caught Gibson on the last leg a few minutes before the end of the race to take first place.

The Town Plate was originally provided by Clevedon Town Council and prizes were presented in the clubhouse after the race by Chairman of the Council, Graham Watkins.


1st - Phil Isaac

2nd - Martin Gibson

3rd - Richard White and Kelly Hewlett

1st Cadet - Grace Cherry